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Prospectus of Shri Adinath Vidyaniketan


Motto of Formation

Temples are formed by lying stone by stone but without liveliness they remain lifeless. It is the impact of great souls that even the stones become lively. So keeping this thing in view are administrations of mangalayatan thinks to set up a hostel where students named as “manglarthi” will live and enlighten the glory of this temple in the whole world. As it is rightly said that beauty remains simply beauty when it is silent but its glory spreads in the whole world when it speaks.


The stone foundation ceremony of the adinath vidhya niketan was held in the year 2002 in the presence of shree mulayam singh yadav as a chief guest .its building consists three floors named as samyagdarshan nilay, smayaggyan nilay,samyalectiongcharitra nilay.the building consists of ten halls,each has the capacity of ten students. so the all over capacity of adinath vidhya niketan is of hundred students.every year around 100-150 students come for admission and only thirty students are selected.this proves the efficiency of each manglarthi.at present there are eighty students studying at adinath vidhya niketan.

Selection Procedure

the selection procedure of the adinath vidhya niketan is a long process .the first selection process starts on April 15,2003 and ends on April 20,2003.the selection committee takes 33 different types of exams for checking the mental and physical efficiency of the student for checking the academic knowledge. exams are conducted by the D.P.S and K.L.jain inter college separately. for the selection the all over result of the must be 60% and the selection is strictly based on merit.


From the day since our Adinath Vidhya Niketan came into existence we are achieving great milestones in the world . our manglarthees from the very young age starts visiting the whole world enlightening the blimp of Jainism our manglarthees are not only working hard in this field but also achieving highest marks in the academics from last six years in both K.L.Jain inter college (Hindi medium) and Delhi Public School (English medium) in both places our mangalarthees are known for their sincerity, devotion and discipline. we are also glad to tell you that mangalarthees have also achieved position at district level as well as at state level in various games.


Once the students came in adinath vidhya niketan and starts studying from that day only he is known as managalarthi. As per the moto for which Adi Nath Vidya Niketan is form that our managalarthi does not depend on religion for the earnings but gain the religious knowledge .So working in the same line most of them are selected heavy entrance test of C.A. Engineering Medical and I.A.S .In these fields also our managalarthees are not stoping and achieving great milestones


Our Social Initiatives
Mangalayatan University is a social initiative from people who are behind the Teerthdham Mangalayatan. Mangalayatan University has been established with a vision to provide modern learning environment on the campus without damaging the roots in our rich culture and civilization.
Another social initiative of the people behind Teerthdham Mangalayatan is Delhi Public School, Aligarh. The school is under the aegis of DPS Society. Delhi Public School is located at the Agra Road.
Shri Adinath Kund Kund Kahan Digambar Jain Trust, Aligarh. UP. India